Good nutrition is vital to our older population in order to prevent the onset of frailty, maintain muscle strength, physical function and most importantly a high quality of life. With the older population often being dependent on others to source food; whether that be in their own homes or in residential care, this places them at a greater risk of malnutrition when combined with pre-existing loss of appetite and potentially social isolation.

NANSW is an experienced service provider to residential aged care facilities, older people living independently at home and community groups.

Our Services

We offer tailored and customised services to suit the needs of your audience, such as:

  • Menu assessment and/or development in line with state requirements
  • Individual consultations for independent living and residential care
  • Cooking demonstrations
  • Hands on cooking groups
  • Interactive seminars

NANSW is also involved with the NSW Government SteppingOn program to deliver education services tailored to older peoples’ need in preventing frailty and falls.