If you wish to gain experience in the field of nutrition, become a Nutrition Australia member and volunteer with us

Nutrition Australia provides many opportunities for volunteers to build their CV by becoming involved in nutrition-based programs that target a variety of population groups. Of the hundreds of volunteers that apply for positions within our organisation, we give priority to volunteers who are also Nutrition Australia members.
If you wish to gain experience in the field of nutrition, become a Nutrition Australia member and volunteer with us.

Why become a volunteer?

Nutrition Australia provides all volunteers with real, hands on experience in community nutrition. Working with Nutrition Australia gives you the opportunity to expand your skills in a wide range of areas and provides you with valuable insight into the operation of a non-government, non-profit community health education organisation.

Many of our volunteers have used the experience and skills they gained working with us to gain employment or entry into further studies (e.g. Masters degrees). There are many opportunities to expand your nutrition knowledge through exposure to our resources and through free attendance at seminars and events you may be assisting us with.

Who should volunteer?

Just about anyone! Experience at Nutrition Australia is ideal for anyone who is keen to develop skills in promoting health, including students studying science, nutrition, health promotion, human movement studies, education and many other courses. Or if you have other skills, in business, communications, design, etc, we’d love to hear from you.

Contact your local Nutrition Australia office to find out which volunteer opportunities are best suited to your needs.

Please note that priority is given to current Nutrition Australia members. Find out more about joining Nutrition Australia here.

The State and Territory Divisions of Nutrition Australia also support tertiary students undertaking placements as specified by their academic institution. Contact the Division in your State or Territory for more information.


Are you a former volunteer?

We’d love to hear from any former volunteers to find out where your careers have taken you, in our Where are they now? search. Click here to find out more.