Did you know workplaces receive a return of $2.30 for every dollar spent on mental health action?

There’s no doubt about it: workplace environments have drastically changed due to COVID-19, with working from home and hybridised work structures likely to continue for 2022 and the foreseeable future.

Work-related stress is on the rise, and COVID-19 has had its impact. NSW Health recently found that around 50% of workers attribute their negative change in mental wellness during the last 12 months to COVID-19.

Research has highlighted high quality diets such as Mediterranean diet or avoiding pro-inflammatory diets as protective against depression. Happy, healthy staff inexplicably leads to a stronger, more productive workplace, including:

  • High productivity and performance
  • Higher attendance rate of employees
  • Less sick leaves from employees

Check out Get Healthy At Work NSW Calculator for Workplace Benefits to find out how much your business could save.

Some simple strategies to establish healthy habits among staff and a healthier working environment include:

  • Removing vending machines
  • If cafeteria is available, make sure food served is nutritious and healthy
  • Provide nutrition education (ie Australian Guide to Healthy Eating, meal planning, setting up healthy eating habits for life)
  • Hosting cooking workshops (ie healthy lunchbox ideas)

Our latest Corporate Mental Health & Diet program helps improve food choices and relationships with food, such as through mindful eating practices. One-on-one 15 min Dietitian consultations, cooking demonstrations and seminars all drill home this important message. Delivered virtually or on-site, this program is leading the way in nutrition-based mental health in the workplace.

Contact us to chat to Nutrition Australia NSW Team Member about a tailored program for you in 2022.