Harmony Week is a time to celebrate Australian multiculturalism and what better way to do that than through food!

Did you know Australia identifies with over 300 ancestries with nearly half of Australians either born overseas or have at least one parent who was? Our melting pot of cultures brings with it an enormous array of culinary traditions that we can all explore and enjoy in without even stepping out of the country!

This Harmony Week NAACT are calling for schools to use harmony week as an opportunity to explore cultural variation and traditions through food. Food connects us all and brings us together – especially at lunchtime. In consultation with primary school teachers, the NAACT team have developed some classroom resources that explore cultural diversity by sharing and learning about foods from a range of cultures.

Suited for primary school students, teachers can take their class on a world adventure exploring the different types of lunches children eat around the world by undertaking any of the following:

  • Students can choose a country to explore and create their own multicultural lunchbox menu.
  • Develop a classroom mural of multicultural lunchboxes
  • Explore the world of food culture through stories and literature
  • Involve families and wider school communities by sharing recipes.

Download the ‘lunches around the world‘ teacher resources and get ready to adventure!