The Australian Nutrition Foundation (NSW Div) Inc, trading as Nutrition Australia NSW, is a non-profit, non-government, community-based organisation and charity with DGR status, which is governed by a Committee of Management.

Nutrition Australia NSW is a multi-disciplinary organisation, offering expertise in: Dietetics, Public Health Nutrition, Health Promotion, Education, Science, Medicine and Sports and Recreation. This enables us to understand scientific nutrition information and convey it to the general public.

Our Vision

To inspire and empower healthy eating for all Australians.

Our Mission

To be the leading nutrition advocate in preventative health.

Our Objectives

  • to act as a source of scientific information on key nutrition issues
  • to produce and disseminate material on nutrition to policy makers, the media, educators, food industry and consumers
  • to act as consultants to government departments, food industry and consumer groups as required on issues related to food and nutrition
  • to encourage innovation in the dissemination of nutritional knowledge.

Our Values

What We Do

Nutrition Australia NSW delivers services across NSW with key stakeholders in the public and private sector to promote evidence-based messages on nutritional issues and overall preventative health.

Our strategic priorities include:

  1. promoting routine advice and clinical service delivery
  2. supporting existing NSW Health programs
  3. providing education campaigns that enable informed, healthy choices
  4. encouraging environments that support healthy eating and active living.

Our health promotion services target a variety of settings and community groups across the lifespan to offer a holistic approach to meeting our strategic priorities.

Our Settings:

  • aged care
  • early childhood and OSHC
  • families and the community
  • food industry
  • schools
  • training and food safety
  • workplaces and organisations.

Our Services:

  • cooking demonstrations
  • health displays & events
  • menu & canteen assessment
  • nutrition seminars and workshops
  • one-on-one & family consults
  • smoothie demonstrations
  • team building activities.

More information:

Committee of Management

Constitution and rules of association