NSW Health and Local Health Districts

Nutrition Australia NSW has worked closely with NSW Health in providing services to promote evidence-based messages on nutritional issues and overall preventative health.

The Health Promotion Project has been developed alongside the NSW Healthy Eating and Active Living Strategy as part of NSW Health and the NSW Premier’s Priority of Tackling Childhood Obesity. In line with this, NANSW provides nutritionally based information, resources, programs and projects accessible to the people of NSW. These include the general community, government, non-government, corporate and private sectors, schools and childcare centres. The Health Promotion Project is provided to children of all ages, all CALD and disadvantaged communities, seniors, parents and more.

Nutrition Australia NSW is also proud to collaborate on the Healthy Lunchbox Workshop as part of the Health Promotion Project, funded by NSW Health and SESLHD. Our Reclaim the Lunchbox workshops aim to inspire and encourage parents/carers to prepare healthy lunchboxes for children at primary and secondary schools. The workshop complements the NSW Healthy School Canteen Strategy and incorporates valuable data from The Australian Guide to Healthy eating and Live Life Well at School. The workshop offers information and practical advice to enable people to make healthy choices.

NANSW is also actively involved in promoting NSW programs as they are targeted to a multitude of community groups and settings to ensure maximal impact. Find out more about NSW Health Programs.