VegKIT Project

What is VegKIT?

The VegKIT project aims to increase the vegetable intake of Australian children. Designed to provide a collection of practical tools, resources and interventions, the five-year project centres around six key activities to support children, educators and health care professionals, and engage with industry.

Delivered via a collaboration between CSIRO, Flinders University and Nutrition Australia, and financially supported by Hort Innovation, VegKIT is the first Australian program to provide an integrated nation-wide approach to improving children’s vegetable consumption.

Why has VegKIT come about?

Establishing healthy eating patterns as a child is essential to forming good dietary habits that help prevent negative health outcomes during childhood and later in life.

However, results from consecutive Australian Health Surveys show children are not consuming enough vegetables. In most cases they are a long way from meeting the recommended daily requirements, with current estimates suggesting only five per cent of Australian children consume the recommended serves of vegetables each day.

How can VegKIT help me?

VegKIT will deliver free resources for educators, health professionals and research agencies. The resources will include best practice guidelines for designing and implementing initiatives to increase children’s vegetable intake, an online resource registry of evidence-based initiatives that promote vegetable consumption in children, a cross-sector alliance to facilitate collaboration – the Vegetable Intake Strategic Alliance (VISA) – and reliable dietary advice for maternal, infant and early childhood years.

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