Volunteer Induction Day NANSW

Launch your nutrition career while making a difference in the community

Volunteer Induction Day is taking place on September 29 @ 6 PM

Nutrition Australia NSW is a non-profit, community -orientated organisation with over 70 volunteers. Volunteers are highly valued members of our organisation, contributing to the development and implementation of a range of digital and in-person projects.

Volunteer Induction Day is an opportunity to officially initiate new volunteers to the organisation, providing them with support and guidance for their next steps.

This year, we want to encourage volunteers to reflect on what skills they can offer us, as well as demonstrate how we can further support them in their professional development. In the current COVID climate, we particularly want to emphasise the ways they can contribute to our projects and programs while working from home. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Social Media
  • Marketing Materials
  • Research
  • Resource Development