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Inspire your staff to eat well, feel great and perform better

Nutrition Australia Vic Division (inc SA & Tas) offers a range of services to improve your workers’ performance through healthy eating.

We provide information, education and consultation services to promote healthy eating in your business, such as:

You can choose a one off service, or ask us about tailoring a more comprehensive program for your workforce.

Our workplace nutrition services are available Australia-wide. Some services are also available free in Victoria as part of the state government funded Healthy Eating Advisory Service.

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Our Approach

We take a holistic approach to promoting healthy eating in the workplace, in line with the World Health Organisation’s Healthy Workplaces Model.

We can work with your organisation to implement change across four key domains that collectively influence employee health and productivity:

  • employee education
  • healthy food supply
  • organisational policies and processes
  • stakeholder engagement

Read more about our whole-of-organisation approach.

Did you know? 

Being overweight and having high cholesterol can have a similar impact on absenteeism as stress – up to 10 days per year!1


Achievement Program

Our workplace nutrition services will help your organisation work towards the Healthy Eating benchmarks of the Victorian Government’s Achievement Program.


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Call us on 03 8341 5800 or use the enquiry form below to enquire about including healthy eating in your corporate health program.


Why choose Nutrition Australia?


Healthy Eating = Healthy Business

Your business is only as productive as its people.

Whether it’s at home or at work, the foods and drinks your employees consume is affecting their performance on a day to day basis – their energy, mood and concentration – not to mention their long term health. 

If you’re serious about improving productivity through employee wellbeing, you can’t afford to overlook nutrition in your workplace health program.


Did you know? 

High blood sugar levels can lead to poor self-control, and a lower attention span.

It can also impair our ability to regulate emotions, cope with stress and prevent aggressive behaviour.2


Evidence-based model for improving health

Studies show that promoting healthy eating in the workplace can increase employees’ fruit and vegetable intake, fibre intake and decrease their overall fat intake.1

In fact a report by the World Health Organisation3 says that addressing healthy eating in the workplace is an effective way to reduce BMI and improve risk factors for diabetes and heart disease.

We can work with your organisation to implement change across four key domains which collectively influence employee health and productivity.

Our approach to promoting healthy eating in the workplace.


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