We offer  face to face food safety supervisor courses.  Our courses include industry specific content and are designed with the needs of our students in mind.

Our Food Safety Supervisor course:

  • Meets the requirements of Nationally Recognised Training
  • Prepares Food Safety Supervisors to supervise and oversee day to day operations and to prevent and recognise food safety hazards
  • Specifically designed for those working with vulnerable populations

RTO Number: 110074

Participants who successfully complete this course should be able to:

  • Implement safe food handling practices in their aged care, early years or OSHC setting.
  • Identify potential food safety hazards at their aged care, early years or OSHC setting.
  • Manage strategies to prevent, control  and eliminate food safety hazards.
  • Monitor food safety practices

Tuesday 15th November 2022

Northgate Community Hall

Corner Scott & Ridge Streets, Northgate QLD 4013



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