Full Membership – Non-recurring



As a Nutrition Australia member you will be part of an organisation which has earned a reputation as a reliable source of information on food, nutrition and health. Additionally, you will be supporting the promotion of scientifically based nutrition information in the community.

In becoming a member of Nutrition Australia National, you will automatically become a member of your local State Division. Members resident in SA and Tas are managed by Victorian Division and members resident in NT are managed by Queensland Division.

Member benefits

As a member of Nutrition Australia you will:

  • Receive communications from your state Division)
  • Have free access to Webinars for Members only
  • Receive discounted entry to Nutrition Australia seminars and events
  • Be kept up to date with developments in research in the areas of food, nutrition and health
  • Be kept up to date with food and nutrition issues and government initiatives
  • Have opportunities to undertake volunteer activities with Nutrition Australia
  • Be associated with a credible nutrition education organisation

In most instances, your Nutrition Australia membership is tax deductible if it’s relevant to your profession.

Please note that your membership will be due for renewal 12 months from your joining/rejoining date. You will receive an automated email 2 weeks before your membership is due to expire, from the membership hosting email [email protected]. Keep an eye out to make sure you continue to receive the great benefits of Nutrition Australia membership.

Rules of Association and General Objectives

To become a member you agree to support Nutrition Australia’s Rules of Association and General Objectives:

  • To be an independent and authoritative body that aims to promote the health and well-being of the Australian people by encouraging them to make informed food choices;
  • To base all activities on scientific principles and knowledge related to human nutrition and dietetics, and food science technology