Canteen Day – 5 November 2021

Canberra celebrates it's healthy school canteens with another year of policy compliance.

It is fair to say that 2021 has been an exceptionally challenging year for the school canteens in the ACT. Alongside the regular challenges of running a business with minimal profit margins whilst adhering to all the policies and procedures, canteens this year had to battle the lockdown restrictions too. However, despite the challenges faced – the canteens triumphed when it came to their menu assessments.

Nutrition Australia ACT has supported ACT Public School Canteens over the last decade to improve the nutritional value of the food served in school canteens. Over the years, canteens have consistently improved by ‘GREENing’ up their menus and staying compliant with the ACT Public School Food & Drink Policy. We saw these numbers improve yet again during the 2021 menu audits. We are so proud of the hard work ACT school canteens have done to improve the quality of food and drinks sold within ACT Public Schools.

It’s time to celebrate!

Canteen Day is here, a day where we recognise canteen staff and volunteers for all they do to contribute to the school community. The canteen is the heart of the school, and school communities deeply value the services they provide.

We encourage all ACT schools to get involved and spread the word. Show your support of canteen staff and volunteers by purchasing something from the canteen, or even stopping by and saying a big thank you.

We have created a range of social media tiles, classroom resources, posters and newsletter segments for schools to ulitise in support of Canteen Day. These are available via the ACT Nutrition Support Service website.

Where to from here?

Nutrition Australia ACT will continue to support Canberra Canteens to implement healthier choices in their menus.