Our approach to workplace health

Nutrition Australia Vic Division (inc SA & Tas) takes a holistic approach to promoting healthy eating in the workplace, in line with the World Health Organisation’s Healthy Workplaces Model.

We can work with your organisation to implement change across four key domains (see Figure 1) which collectively influence employee health and productivity:

  1. employee education
  2. healthy food supply
  3. organisational policies and processes
  4. stakeholder engagement

Taking a whole-of-organisation approach to workplace health is the best approach for ensuring the long-term success of your program, and the best return on investment1. This is also in line with the Healthy Eating benchmarks of the Victorian Government's Achievement Program.

Figure 1: How we promote healthy eating in the workplace

Diagram of healthy workplace domains

Based on the Achievement Program's Healthy Workplaces Framework and the World Health Organisation's Healthy Workplaces model.


Employee education (Health and wellbeing opportunities)

Though our engaging education services we’ll empower your staff with the knowledge and motivation to choose healthier foods and drinks at work and at home.

Our nutrition education services include:

  • educational seminars
  • cooking demonstrations
  • one-on-one nutrition consultations
  • team building activities
  • health displays
  • and more.


Healthy food supply* (Healthy physical environment)

We can assist your organisation to promote healthy eating through the foods and drinks that are supplied onsite to your staff and guests.

This includes:

  • catering
  • retail food outlets, on site or nearby
  • staff kitchens
  • vending machines
  • corporate functions
  • and more


Organisational policies and processes* (Healthy culture)

We can assist your organisation to embed healthy eating into your organisation’s policies and processes.

We provide advice and support regarding:


Stakeholder engagement* (Healthy community connections)

Engage your workforce, local community and industry for a comprehensive approach to promoting healthy eating.

Nutrition Australia Vic Division (inc SA & Tas) can help you provide and promote healthy food and drinks at events that you run or support, and identify any activities that may conflict with your healthy eating objectives.

We can also link you in with complementary services that can help you meet the healthy eating benchmarks, and seek opportunities to engage with local programs, food outlets and organisations that promote healthy eating in the community and your industry.


Contact us

Call 03 8341 5812 or email us to discuss how we can help you promote healthy eating in your organisation.

* Some of our services are available free in Victoria as part of the state government-funded Healthy Eating Advisory Service




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