Aussie comedians star in our fun new fruit & veg campaign, What's Got Into You?

Did you realise that just 3% of 18-24 year old Australians eat enough fruit and veg?!

What’s Got Into You? it’s a fun and fresh campaign to change the way young adults think about fruit & veg!

It’s a new initiative by Nutrition Australia Vic Division to inspire and motivate 18-23 year old Victorians to choose fruits and vegetables as ideal snack and breakfast options.

And it stars comedians Ash Williams and Kate Dehnert in a series of funny videos that show fruit & veg can make you feel oooh so good.

What’s Got Into You? features funny videos, and a website with a bunch of tasty fruit & veg tips (bunch, get it?).

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics young adults and teens have some of the least-healthy dietary habits, yet they’re often overlooked as target audiences for health promotion campaigns.

And there’s a lot going on at this age that can impact food choices, what with all the transitions from school to uni and work, moving out of home or even travelling overseas (maybe even *gulp* marriage and babies!). It’s also a time when many risk factors for lifestyle-related diseases can start to emerge, such as weight gain and heart disease.


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