Volunteering with Nutrition Australia NSW Division

Working with Nutrition Australia will give you the opportunity to expand your skills in a wide range of areas and will give you valuable insight into the operation of a non-government, non-profit community health education organisation. Many of our volunteers have used the experience and skills they gained working with Nutrition Australia to gain employment with other organisations or to gain entry into further studies (eg Masters degrees). There are many opportunities to expand your nutrition knowledge through exposure to our resources and through free attendance at seminars and events you may be assisting us with.

Procedure for becoming a volunteer

Potential volunteers must attend a volunteer induction session. The next session will be held mid year in the Illawarra.

  1. Contact Nutrition Australia NSW Division to register for an upcoming volunteering induction session.

    Volunteer induction session provide volunteers with information about upcoming projects and activities run by Nutrition Australia NSW Division. These two hour induction sessions are usually held in the Illawarra region and in Sydney.

  2. A 'Volunteers Kit' will be sent you to you closer to the induction session which includes a ‘Volunteer Declaration’ and 'National Police Check' application. These forms must be signed and 100 points of identification must be provided before volunteering can commence.

  3. Volunteer contact details are recorded in the volunteer database.

  4. When volunteer opportunities arise, all current volunteers are emailed a ‘job description’.

  5. Volunteers wishing to apply for a position should email the volunteer co-ordinator indicating their interest.

  6. The volunteers co-ordinator will confirm if a volunteer is successful for the position.

  7. Successful volunteers will be required to carry out the activities outlined in the ‘job description’.

Please note that you must be 18 years or over to volunteer with Nutrition Australia NSW Division.


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