The Hon Minister Jillian Skinner MP Launches National Nutrition Week at NSW Parliament House

The Hon Minister for Health Jillian Skinner MP launched the week long National Nutrition Week campaign at the New South Wales Parliament House, on Wednesday 14 October, there was a buzz of activity with characters ‘Bazza Banana’ and ‘Tamara Tomato’ interacting with guests on their arrival to New South Wales Parliament House.

Hosted by Mr Gareth Ward MP Member for Kiama Parliamentary Secretary to the Premier Illawarra and South Coast, amongst many distinguished attending was Alister Henskens MP Member for Ku-Ring Gai, Barbara Ward President of Nutrition Australia, Associate Prof Ross Grant and Dr Paul Rankin and Catherine Saxelby.

The Hon Minister highlighted a range of health programs initiated and delivered in the community by the NSW government towards the common goal of better health for all Australians and commended Nutrition Australia for their role in promoting optimal nutrition through the National Nutrition Week awareness campaign.

“Along with Nutrition Australia can I also encourage all Australians to ‘Pick Right’ and ‘Feel Bright’ by committing to eating five serves of vegetables every day for one week, and join the challenge” said The Hon Minister Skinner.

Each year National Nutrition Week raises awareness of the role our food and lifestyle choices we make impact on our health, and supports the community to enjoy healthy eating. This year’s campaign is Pick Right, Feel Bright! which focuses on encouraging everyone to eat more fruit and vegetables every day for better health. The campaign is backed by the Produce Marketing Association Australia New Zealand, and proudly supported by Nutrition Australia. 

“Let me share some alarming statistics Obesity and ‘lost wellbeing’ from obesity are estimated to cost Australia around $58.2 billion a year, and poor nutrition and high body mass have overtaken tobacco use as the greatest burden of disease in Australia. Nearly two thirds of Australian adults and one quarter of children are considered overweight or obese. Yet only 7% of Australian adults eat the recommended amount of vegetables each day” said Barbara Ward

Associate Prof Ross Grant spoke passionately about health and well-being recognising that the final decision is up to the individual (at least as an adult) the environment in which most people live makes it extremely easy, even preferable, to make poor nutritional choices. What we put into our bodies has an often immediate and always significant impact on how well this beautiful machine runs. Want to think clearly, have more energy, look good and avoid the majority of society’s common diseases….give the body the materials it needs to do its job well…..Pick Right & Stay Bright.

The ‘Try For 5’ challenge is more than a slogan or awareness campaign. It’s a meaningful and life changing way that people can get involved in this year’s National Nutrition Week.

Photo credit: Roger Dilernia from Waterloo Pictures


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