Grains & Legumes Nutrition Council

Mung bean dip

Serve this colourful bean dip with vegetable sticks as a quick snack or party canapé.

Moroccan red lentil and chickpea soup

A hearty and flavoursome soup that’s sure to fill you up!

Wheat berry and quinoa tabouleh

Switch up your side and enjoy this colourful Middle Eastern dish with your next main meal.

Indian spiced millet pilaf

Try this combination of vegetables with millet as a delicious side to any meat dish.

Red lentil and beef burger

Combine beef mince and lentils to create burgers with added flavour, texture and nutrients!

Red kidney bean burrito

Swap your usual meat filling in your burrito for delicious, nutritious and protein filled beans!

Moroccan chickpea and basmati rice pilaf

Spice up dinner with this flavoursome, and nutrient dense Moroccan meal.

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