Dairy Australia

Grilled mushrooms with a garlic yoghurt dressing

Try as a warm side dish or hearty snack that is low GI, high in dietary fibre, protein and many of the B group vitamins

Raspberry and yoghurt bircher muesli

Brighten your morning with a delicious breakfast made with raspberries, apple and pistachios. A fresh and easy meal for the whole family.

Dukkah crusted lamb with coriander chilli yoghurt

Step into spring with this delicious dish - to be eaten hot or cold, depending on the sunshine!

Beetroot and chive dip

A healthy and tasty snack to share with friends.

Aromatic Prawn Curry

Easy and delicious Asian curry!

MV burgers

These MV burgers are just perfect for summer. They show just how quickly and easily a dinner can be prepared on the BBQ. The MV Burgers contain extra vegetables so they are even tastier than your usual meat patty. Prepare them early and keep in the fridge for convenience.

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