Become a partner

Nutrition Australia aims to form ethical relationships appropriate for an organisation whose fundamental principle is to provide independent and unbiased nutritional information. If you are interested in partnering with Nutrition Australia, please contact your local Division.

By establishing partnerships, Nutrition Australia can increase its capacity to:

  • Act as a source of scientific information on key nutrition issues
  • Produce and disseminate material on nutrition to policy makers, the media, educators, food industry and consumers
  • Consult to government departments, food industry and consumer groups as required on issues related to food and nutrition
  • Encourage innovation in the dissemination of nutrition knowledge

Several levels of partnership are available, supporting a range of Nutrition Australia initiatives at both National and Division-specific levels.

All Nutrition Australia partnerships operate in accordance with the Nutrition Australia's Sponsorship and Corporate Partnership Policies.

How will partnering with Nutrition Australia benefit your organisation?

By partnering with Nutrition Australia, your organisation will be associated with Australia’s peak nutrition education body.

The benefits of partnering with Nutrition Australia will vary according to the needs of each partnering organisation, and will be outlined in a Memorandum of Understanding prior to commencement of the partnership. However, some potential benefits for your organisation include:

  • Inclusion of organisational profile, logo and links to website on the Nutrition Australia website
  • Access to nutrition expertise and spokespeople as necessary
  • Access to staff consultancy work
  • Collaboration and involvement in Nutrition Australia events including National Nutrition Week
  • Opportunities for involvement in Nutrition Australia seminars and conferences for consumers and health professionals
  • Collaboration and involvement in resource production
  • Opportunities for joint media releases
  • Review of nutrition content (e.g. recipes, fact sheets and other nutrition education resources)
  • Support for nutrition related issues management

For more information about partnering with Nutrition Australia, or to discuss partnership opportunities, please contact your local Nutrition Australia division.


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