Listen to the latest webinar on Almonds & Heart Health

Almonds & Heart Health 

The Almonds & Heart Health Webinar provides health and nutrition professionals with the latest research on the benefits of nuts, including almonds for heart health.

Click here to listen to our experts discuss the latest research and evolution of evidence, plus the current dietary recommendations for heart health.

Click on the attached PDF to view the webinar slides.

Though targeted at health professionals, this webinar is of benefit to everyone.

Discover the Latest

• research linking nut and almond consumption and the benefits for heart health.
• evidence and recommendations for dietary fats and associated dietary patterns for heart health.

Continued Professional Development

At the conclusion of the webinar there is an opportunity for those in health and nutrition professions CPD (continued professional development) by completing a short survey. 

To comeplete the survey please click here.

Presented by

Dr Elizabeth Neale, University of Wollongong, Advanced Accredited Practising Dietitian

Elizabeth’s research focuses on the evidence-based framework in nutrition, with a particular focus on systematic reviews and meta-analyses in nutrition. Her research also explores the impact of nut consumption on risk factors for chronic diseases.

Sian Armstrong, National Heart Foundation, Accredited Practising Dietitian

An in depth knowledge of public health, food and nutrition. Sian has worked at the National Heart Foundation for 4 years, where her role involves providing expert nutrition advice both internally. Sian has also worked in clinical dietetics at Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre.

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