Tryfor5, Australia’s Annual “Eat More Vegetables” Awareness Campaign a Success

During October the focus was on vegetables as this year’s Tryfor5 awareness campaign launched ‘Small Change, Big Gains’ to support veg intake and highlight their importance. With the transformation of some of Australia’s favourite recipes plus the launch of Nutrition Australia’s first-ever influencer event, this primarily online and social media campaign received the high visibility it set out to achieve.

Tryfor5’s success can be attributed a combination of the valued support from partners, sponsors and supporters (including Bayer, Scanpan, Victorinox and brand ambassador Cookbook Author, Olivia Andrews), coupled with an insightful and informative message.

A Positive Response to Campaign Message

Tapping into Australian’s want for simple approaches to cooking familiar, family-favourite meals, combined with sound nutritional advice resulted in communication that resonated strongly with the general public. The message “simple, small changes in diets can help increase vegetable consumption, resulting in big health gains” was evident in every element of the campaign. With the added insight on current research connecting a variety of health issues with unhealthy food, our target audience engaged positively.

Our biggest competition was announced where 5 amazing Scanpan Pro-IQ sets were up for grabs, generating great interest and participation. A detailed media kit was also sent to key influencers and organisations to ensure the Tryfor5 message was spread nationally.

Influencer Event a Highlight 

The highlight was undoubtedly the interactive influencer event, held at the prestigious Vive Cooking School in Sydney. Influencers were asked to support the campaign by sharing via their social channels. They were treated to cooking demonstrations, fun activities, prizes and gift bags, networking opportunities and insights into the latest research.  Feedback was overwhelmingly positive with the highest engagement on our social channels and website coinciding with the event.


High Campaign Engagement 

Combined, these factors resulted in Tryfor5 2018 being received positively and our goal of reaching the every-day Australian and increase awareness of National Nutrition Week, with statistics revealing high engagement throughout the entire campaign period. The Tryfor5 website had almost 6,000 unique visitors (an increase of 131.8%) compared to last year’s figures. Of all the social media platforms, Instagram received the highest engagement with an increase of over 6,000 likes and comments plus an increase of 1,557 new followers throughout the campaign period.


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