Webinar Series - Dr Joanna McMillan

How often do you get to hear in a one on one interview style format from experts such as Dr Joanna McMillan? We are fortunate to have such a wonderful advocate for healthy eating here in Australia, far from her native country of Scotland.

Dr Joanna is a Dietitian and Nutrition Scientist and has recently been seen on ABC's Catalyst program. She is highly sought after for her expert advice and we were fortunate to catch an information packed hour with her.

Don't miss this special event, where our National President of Nutrition Australia personally interviews Dr Joanna and talks all things healthy eating! Ranging from topics like gut health, children's dietary habits and some personal advice for our Members and Subscribers, you are in for a treat with the breadth of information Dr Joanna shares. Secure your spot here.

We are committed to helping people get the most out of their diet for health and optimal performance in everyday life events. We hope you will join us for this special live presentation.

Members will be able to watch the recording after the event, at their leisure. So if you can't make the either the dates available or the time, why not consider becoming a Member and then you can view this webinar as well as other special content 'On Demand'! Click here to find out how to join our organisation.

Those who attend the event will receive a promo code for a discount on Dr Joanna's program Get Lean. 

So don't delay, get your ticket here now!



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