Nutrition Australia and the Produce Marketing Association call on Australians to take the pledge to eat more veg!


Nutrition Australia is encouraging Australians to ‘Pick Right’ and ‘Feel Bright’ for National Nutrition Week by committing to eating five serves of vegetables every day for one week, with registrations now open for the ‘Try For 5’ challenge.

The challenge is part of National Nutrition Week, Nutrition Australia’s annual awareness campaign to promote eating a nutritious and balanced diet. And this year’s theme is ‘Pick Right. Feel Bright!’ - the new fresh produce industry campaign to encourage people to eat more fruit and vegetables.

Recent statistics show that nearly 95% of all Australians do not eat the recommend amount of vegetables. In fact, the average Aussie eats less than half what they should, yet around 1/3 of what we do eat is confectionery, take away foods, cakes, sweets and sugary drinks.

“Whether they’re fresh, frozen or canned, eating more lovely, colourful vegetables is one of the simplest things we can all do for better health and wellbeing,” said Lucinda Hancock, Accredited Nutritionist and CEO of Nutrition Australia Vic Division.

“Vegetables burst with flavour and they're packed full of important vitamins and minerals, disease-fighting antioxidants and gut-healthy fibre.

“And they're so versatile because you can eat them any way you like - raw, cooked, baked, mashed, chopped, sliced and diced.” said Mrs Hancock.

People can sign up to the Try For 5 challenge online and they can join as an individual, or register a team to go into the draw to win prizes from Décor and Smash.

All challengers will receive regular recipes, tips and fresh ideas to inspire them to eat more vegetables, and they’re encouraged to share pictures of what they’re eating on social media to inspire others.

“The Try For 5 challenge is more than a slogan or awareness campaign. It’s a meaningful and life changing way that people can get involved in this year’s National Nutrition Week.” Ms Hancock said.

“Joining the challenge and eating more vegetables is something so simple that we can all do to develop positive eating habits for a healthier and happier lifestyle.”

Renee Harrison, Marketing Manager at Produce Marketing Association Australia - New Zealand (PMA A-NZ) is excited about partnering with Nutrition Australia and launching the ‘Pick Right. Feel Bright!’ campaign over National Nutrition Week. “In Australia and New Zealand, we are so fortunate to have an abundance of healthy, natural fresh produce available to us all year round” said Ms Harrison.

“By making simple decisions to choose more fresh fruit and vegetables over processed foods, we can improve healthy eating and reduce our risk of chronic health conditions such as cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes and even some cancers.”

PMA A-NZ and the fresh produce industry have launched the new ‘Pick Right. Feel Bright!’ website to encourage and inspire consumers to pick fresh foods to enjoy a brighter future.

“It’s not just what we eat, it’s when and how much of it we consume. A little here, a little there, it’s all about making smart choices throughout the day by picking fresh produce. After all, when you pick right you’ll feel bright!” said Ms Harrison

National Nutrition Week runs from 11-17 October 2015.

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Renée Harrison
Marketing Manager
Produce Marketing Association Australia-New Zealand
0418 531 800
03 8844 5536  

Caitlin Syrett
Coordinator, National Nutrition Week 2015
Community Education Services Coordinator
Nutrition Australia Vic Division
03 8341 5812

About Nutrition Australia

Nutrition Australia is a non-government, not-for-profit organisation, providing nutrition education and advisory services, products and events. Nutrition Australia is comprised of five independent state divisions that provide local programs and services, while collaborating on national initiatives such as the Healthy Eating Pyramid and National Nutrition Week.

About Produce Marketing Association Australia-New Zealand

PMA Australia – New Zealand is the leading trade association serving member companies and every segment of the fresh fruit, vegetable and floral supply chain in Australia and New Zealand. PMA A-NZ strives to assist business to increase their sales of fresh and safe produce and develop their internal business capabilities through motivated skills employees. Our four key value areas of global connections, industry talent, information and resources and food safety and traceability are aligned with your current and future needs.


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