Roy Royce: A new healthy choice for educators

On Monday we joined 60 children from St Kilda Park Primary School to celebrate the launch of Roy Royce: A healthy choice, with a morning of active games and story telling in the school's veggie garden.

Roy Royce: A healthy choice is a new suite of teaching resources, developed with Nutrition Australia Victorian Division, to promote the benefits of healthy eating to 4-8 year olds.

It includes lots of free healthy eating resources for early years educators and primary school teachers that support key messages in the Australian Dietary Guidelines and links to national education standards.

Author and illustrator Kieran Brophy is pleased to launch the resource alongside his new children’s picture book Did Roy Royce make a healthy choice?: Food choices to encourage healthy minds, healthy bodies and healthy choices.

“I created Roy Royce as a fun character who not only appeals to kids but also challenges them to recognise their own healthy choices, as they develop their own life-long habits” Mr Brophy said.

Assistant Principal at St Kilda Park Primary School, Andrew Schneider, welcomes the new book and resource.

“Our teachers have been waiting for something like this,” Mr Schneider said, “we look forward to using Roy Royce: A healthy choice to further develop our healthy eating curriculum at St Kilda Park Primary.”

Dietitians and nutritionists at Nutrition Australia Victorian Division have provided a comprehensive review of the resource to ensure healthy eating messages are accurate and age-appropriate for young children.

Roy Royce: A healthy choice is a fun and playful way for educators and parents to teach young children about the benefits of eating healthy foods and drinks” said Nutrition Australia Victorian Division Executive Officer Lucinda Hancock.



Roy Royce and Nutrition Australia logos



Brilliant concept adding a face to nutritious and healthy eating! If coca cola can do it with Santa clause why can't nutrition do it with Roy Royce! Let's hope Roy becomes just as pupular with children. Clever marketing is the way to go.


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