Supporting healthy eating with the Weight Management Council Australia

Nutrition Australia is proud to announce its involvement with Weight Management Council Australia, a not for profit organisation established in 1994 to administer the Weight Management Code of Practice.

The Code, which was developed by representatives of the weight management industry, consumer organisations, health and nutritional professionals and government departments, provides a comprehensive guide for the protection of consumers’ rights and the conduct of weight management businesses.

Lucinda Hancock, Executive Officer of Nutrition Australia Vic Division, is a director for the Council, which acts as the representative body, upholding the Code and providing protection for consumers of weight management products and services.

Membership of the Council requires a rigorous assessment of each weight management provider’s weight loss program or product, advertising material, consumer affairs processes, staff training, as well corporate integrity and compliance checking.

Ms Hancock and Nutrition Australia look forward to working with all Council stakeholders to support practical approaches to healthy eating in Australia.

Visit Weight Management Council Australia's website for more information.


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