A message to our members from the President

Dear members,

In August we asked you to complete the 2012 National Members Satisfaction Survey. The survey included questions about your reasons for joining Nutrition Australia, what you value most from your membership, your interest areas and how well we communicate with you. We had an overwhelming response rate with many of you also providing supportive and insightful comments.

Thank you to all those who participated in the survey. Your answers have given us great insight into what our members want to gain from their Nutrition Australia membership.

So what did we find out? While we always knew our members were a diverse bunch of people, the survey showed we have three distinct groups with similar interests and reasons for joining NA:

  • Health professionals, including nutritionists and dietitians, regularly visit our websites to access fact sheets and resources for clients.
  • Teachers most valued their Nutrition Australia membership as a way to improve their nutrition knowledge, and were most interested in teaching resources and information on healthy eating for school-aged children. Teachers were also unlikely to be member of another health-related organisation.

  • While our large cohort of nutrition students rated volunteering opportunities and work experience as the most valuable aspect of their membership. They were also very interested in staying up to date with the latest nutrition news and research.

Congratulations to our prize winners Michelle Crino (NSW) and Stephanie Weare (Vic)! They won a top-of-the-line Jamie Oliver 2 in 1 roaster valued at over $330 and a Tefal MasterChef gourmet series cookware package valued at over $460.

Thank you once again for your support. As we start to plan for 2013 your support helps to shape the future of Nutrition Australia, and the benefits we provide to you as a valued member.

Kind regards,

Barbara Ward
President, Nutrition Australia.


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