Healthy, Tasty and Wise

Nutrition Australia Vic Division and Vision Australia Radio present the latest nutrition news in 'Healthy, Tasty and Wise'.

The 30 minute program, run by Nutrition Australia’s dietitians and nutritionists, features latest nutrition news, diet and disease segments, Nutrition Australia’s fast fact, nutrition tips, fruits and vegetables in season and our recipe of the month.

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Here’s a little taste of what you will hear in each podcast:


February 2012

We look at some ways to prepare healthy lunches for you and the kids, and we discuss sustainable fish farming with Sonya Ardron from Woolworths. You'll also hear an easy and delicious fish cutlet recipe, some handy nutrition facts and what's in season this month.


'Best of Summer' edition, aired January 2013

In our best of, we give Aussie blokes some advice on losing those holiday kilos and some healthy BBQ tips for summer.

We also talk about how you can spend right to eat right, and shop for healthy foods at the supermarket without blowing your food budget.


December 2012

We’re continuing our series on ‘surviving the silly season’ with some tips on how you can eat well when eating out. And just before you make those New Year resolutions, we’ll shine the light on detox diets. Veronica Graham from the Victorian Department of Health also shares some exciting and unique community health initiatives happening around Victoria.


November 2012

This month we’re talking about how to survive the silly season, as well as tips to spring clean your regime and get in shape for summer. We also welcomed Mark Doneddu from Vegetarian Victoria to find out why being vegetarian is about more than just saying no to meat.


October 2012

Spring has sprung! So we're talking about food allergies and intolerances, spring cleaning for your body and how to get started with your own edible garden. National Nutrition Week is coming up, and we'll give the Waldorf Salad with a twist.


September 2012

Listen in for the skinny on permeate and milk, and we talk about the relationship between nutrition and metal health. We’ll also take a look at what’s in season for Spring, and the benefits of eating local produce, and a quick and easy summer recipe for a fun fruit snack you can make with the kids.


August 2012

We’re talking about shaking your bones for Healthy Bones Week, plus hydration and sports drinks, and how eating well can also support your dental health. We also discuss what’s in season for May and give you a delicious recipe for Dukkah Crusted Lamb with a Coriander Chilli Yoghurt dressing.


July 2012

We chat with Prof Peter Clifton at Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute about National Diabetes Week, and how to take control of your diabetes risk; And Victorian man Paul Dousek, who has lost weight and gained health since been diagnosed as pre-diabetic.

You’ll also get a yummy recipe for sweet potato and pumpkin soup, and our fruit and veg of the month: avocado and leek.


June 2012

Is Being Fit Being Healthy? Tune in to find out. Tracey Setter, Program Manager for the latest government initiative titled The Victorian Healthy Eating Advisory Service (VHEAS), is invited to talk about this exciting new initiative being delivered by Nutrition Australia (Vic). We also talk to Katherine Shone, an accredited practicing dietitian about the importance of Sports Nutrition. Katherine also gives us the facts about the latest fad .... ‘beetroot juice’. Grapefruit and eggplant are in season and we talk you through our delicious recipe of the month…Tasty Lentil and Roasted Eggplant Soup.


May 2012

For those serious or aspiring athletes, tune in to listen to Glenys Zucco from Dairy Australia talk about the benefits of consuming dairy as part of an athlete’s nutrition plan. How the Family Unit can help foster Good Nutrition Habits is another topic of discussion. We also give parents some advice on how to best help their adolescent children adopt good nutrition habits in a conversation with Orla Hugueniot, freelance nutritionist and Nutrition Australia NSW EO. To top it all off we talk you through a delicious recipe for beetroot chocolate cake!


April 2012

Chocolate... a ‘guilty’ pleasure? In this segment we give you the facts on whether chocolate can be part of a healthy diet. We also chat to Melbourne’s metropolitan Fruit & Vegetable Retailer of the Year 2012, Tony Mecca about the benefits of buying produce ‘in season’. We welcome back Al Hancock, a chef from the UK whose culinary talents lie in French cuisine. Furthermore, the month of April marks World Health Day. We talk about it’s origins and elaborate on this year’s theme “Ageing and Health’. And, as it is getting colder outside, we talk you through a nutritious soup recipe using our nominated vegetable of the month, the sweetcorn.


March 2012

We welcome Clare Hughes from the Cancer Council to talk about ‘Fat Free TV’, a new campaign to help parents understand just how much junk food advertising TV shows are feeding our kids. Corinna Langelaan from the Parents Jury also joins the show to talk about healthy school fundraising and how parents can influence fundraising activities at their children’s schools. We discuss ways to shop for healthy foods at the supermarket without blowing the food budget, and give you some helpful hints on how you can use up that stockpile of cans and tins building up in the back of your pantry so that they don’t go to waste. Figs and turnips are in season and our recipe for the month is delicious Apple Crumble Yoghurt Cups


February 2012

A special taste for Aussie blokes - we’ve got some advice on how the boys can shed those holiday kilos now that the festive season is finished, and Al Hancock, esteemed chef from the UK gives some tips and tricks on how to make a healthy and delicious barbecue. Rick Benjamin, CEO of Foodbank Victoria joins the program to talk about food insecurity in Australia, and we delve into the issue of sugar consumption in Australia, and whether it should be regulated by the government. Cassava and cumquat are in season, and you’ll learn how to cook up a delicious barbecue Chicken Yakitori.


January 2012

Tune in to learn about some strategies you can use to help you shed the kilos that often stick after the holiday season, and where to find those tricky saturated fats that are hidden in some unexpected foods. Emma Stirling, Accredited Practising Dietitian, nutrition writer and avid blogger joins the program to discuss how you can make ancient grains a part of your daily diet, and shares one of her latest, delicious recipes ‘Hot Smoked Salmon & Freekeh Nicoise’. Boysenberries and okra are fresh for the picking, and we’ve got some tips on how you can include them in the menu this summer.


December 2011

Avoid turning into a Christmas pud this season with Hayley Macfarlane, a Nutrition Australia dietitian from our NSW Division who gives some helpful hints on how to avoid the Christmas budge. We give you some ideas on what you can do with your party leftovers this summer, as well as some advice for men and teens on how to improve their health and eating habits. Plums and celery are the pick of the season, and we show you how to make a healthy fruit and nut ice cream pudding for that warm summer day.


November 2011

Running out of steam? Tune in to find out how to boost your energy levels with good nutrition. We talk about some smartphone apps that can help set you on the path to good health, and Amber Drake, a dietitian from Dairy Australia joins the show to talk about how we can help our kids get the dairy they need to be at their best. Red cherries and spinach are fresh for the picking, and we walk you through a delicious recipe to help you put that fresh spinach to good use.


October 2011

Superfood or Supermyth? Associate Professor Tim Crowe dispels some common diet myths and outlines his top ten foods to help you be at your best. We welcome Adam Walsh from Deakin University to talk about how parents influence the way that their children eat and exercise, and discuss how you can make sure that your kids are eating a healthy diet. Citrus chicken salad is on the menu, and cauliflower and mango are our chosen fresh produce for the month.


September 2011

Spring is here and we’ve got some terrific tips to help you get fit as the end of the year approaches. Dairy Australia dietitian Eithne Cahill joins the program to help us celebrate World School Milk Day, and we welcome Aloysa Hourigan from the Nutrition Australia Queensland Division to let you know how you can keep yourself and the environment healthy during National Nutrition Week 2011. Lemons and globe artichokes are fresh for the picking, and we’ve got a delicious raspberry and yoghurt bircher muesli recipe to get you going in the morning.


August 2011

Marie Walters from Nutrition Australia VIC Division joins the program to talk about Nutrition Australia’s Competition to find Australia’s Healthiest Lunch. We discuss Irritable Bowel Syndrome and how it can be treated with a low-FODMAP diet, how vegetarians can make sure that they are eating enough protein, and how regulations surrounding fast food advertising are affecting children’s exposure to fast food marketing materials. You’ll learn all about snow peas and pears, and we'll show you how to make sweet honey pears and rhubarb with a zesty yoghurt topping.


July 2011

With the launch of the new USDA ‘MyPlate’ we discuss food selection models in Australia, and Nutrition Australia’s Healthy Living Pyramid. We welcome Glenys Zucco, APD from Dairy Australia to talk about Healthy Bones Week, and Tiffany Grant from Tefal joins the show to introduce the new ‘skinny chip’. Silverbeet and naval oranges are in season, and we’ll show you how you can use these delicious oranges to make low-fat orange muffins.


June 2011

We welcome Tim McLean from Workhealth Work Safe to speak about the Work Health initiative in Victoria and show you how you can keep your waistline in check with the federal Government’s new initiative ‘Swap It, Don’t Stop It’. Some unique benefits of dairy for those who exercise or play sport are outlined and we talk about parents who are under pressure to pack a healthy lunchbox for their kids at school. Fennel and grapefruit are fresh for the picking, and we feature a delicious dessert recipe: ‘Apples poached in pink grapefruit syrup’.


May 2011

Food wastage in Australia is up for discussion, and we take a look at some of the programs out there that are trying to combat this important issue. We look at self-diagnosed lactose intolerance, and how this is associated with chronic health problems, and Glenys Zucco, APD for Dairy Australia sorts the fact from the fiction when it comes to dairy myths. Learn to cook ‘grilled garlic mushroom with a peppery yoghurt dressing’ and hear all about what you can do with the delicious quince.


April 2011

Learn about how antioxidants are linked to good eye health, and what to do if you suffer from indigestion. We discuss wholegrains and why it is important to include them in the diet, and APD Milena Katz joins the show to talk about the health benefits of chia seeds. We feature a nutritious recipe that uses lots of vegetables with little effort, ‘ratatouille with chickpeas and couscous’, and talk about the benefits of including pears and turnips in the diet.


March 2011

Sonya Stanley joins us to discuss the TV show the Biggest Loser, and outlines the best weight loss methods for those trying to drop some kilos at home. We ask: ‘Is beer good for the heart?’ and talk about how you can eat the colours of the rainbow to improve the variety of your diet. We take a look at breakfast cereals – how do they compare when it comes to nutrition, and how can you choose the cereal that is healthiest for you? Nectarines and mushrooms are under the scope, and we show you how to feed a family of 4 for less than $15 with a recipe for ‘Thai chicken curry’.


February 2011

Brad Watts from the Australian Food and Grocery Council joins the program to explain how the Daily Intake Guide can be used to help you make healthier choices when shopping for your groceries. We discuss malnutrition in Australia’s elderly population, and teach you how you can eat the foods and meals you love and still be healthy with a lesson on recipe makeovers. We also ask the question: ‘Smoothies – are they a friend or foe?’ You’ll hear all about plums and broccoli and learn how to cook ‘lamb and asparagus toss with couscous’.


January 2011

Learn about iron, why it is important to eat enough iron for good health, how people become iron deficient and what to do if your iron levels are low. We discuss weight loss, dietary factors that can influence arthritis, and explore the ways in which caffeine affects your body and health. Listen to an interview with APD Glen Cardwell about a topic we all love to discuss – chocolate. We feature a delicious ‘haloumi and lentil salad’ recipe, and talk about the seasonal produce kiwi fruit and avocado.


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