Statement of Ethics

The Australian Nutrition Foundation Inc* in all its work is deemed to be:

  • the independent voice of good nutrition; not linked to, or influenced, by any one group
  • authoritative and able to speak its mind without fear or favour
  • never afraid to stand against opposition in the interests of sound nutrition information.

To meet its objectives, The Australian Nutrition Foundation Inc. may work independently on projects, programs and the like, or may deem it appropriate to collaborate with other nutrition related organisations, as well as corporate, private and government sectors that:

  • agree with its Statement of Rules
  • support its independence, credibility and integrity and
  • have as a major goal the promotion of the health and well-being of the Australian people.

It is intended that such collaborative projects are mutually advantageous, with each organisation building on the other's strengths.

*Nutrition Australia is the registered business name for The Australian Nutrition Foundation Inc.


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