Nutrition Australia Vic Division and Bayer Australia Help Launch 2030 National Sports Plan

16 August 2018

Nutrition Australia’s Vic Division CEO Lucinda Hancock and dietitian Amy Knight joined Rural Health and Sport Minister Senator Bridget McKenzie and Bayer Australia at the August launch of National Sports Plan, part of the Coalition Government’s plan to build a healthier, more physically active nation.

Event Launch

The National Sports Plan coincides with Health Yourself, a Bayer Australia campaign raising awareness of the importance of self-care, encouraging Australian’s to prioritise health in everyday life.

The launch event saw Sports Minister, Bridget McKenzie and member for Bennelong (and former professional tennis player), John Alexander participate in a fun group fitness session that got everyone’s heart rate pumping! Nutrition Australia served a delicious, healthy breakfast that was enjoyed post-exercise, plus provided nutritional information and insights.

Lucinda highlighted the importance that nutrition and physical activity play in self-care, reminding people that it’s important the places where we live, learn, work and play provide and promote healthier environments. This encourages activity and making healthy food and drinks the easiest choice for everyone.

Here are some tips to help:

• Whether you cook for yourself or eat out, the easiest way to make healthier choices is to choose lots of veg; the more colours the better!
• Wherever possible try to prepare more meals from scratch if you can. Study shows people who learned to cook as children tend to eat healthier as they got older so let’s get our kids in kitchen!

Remember to:

• Eat a variety of minimally processed foods from the five core food groups every day (fruit, veg, grains, dairy and meat)
• Eat mostly plant-based foods
• Limit foods and drinks high in added saturated fat, salt and sugar.