Nutrition Australia and Bayer Australia Encourages All Australians to Health Yourself

16 August 2018

New national research undertaken by Bayer Australia reveals that Australians lack the knowledge to take charge of their own health, instead relying on healthcare professionals for advice and treatment.

To help Australian’s better navigate what they need to do regarding nutrition Lucinda Hancock, CEO, Nutrition Australia Vic Division provides some valuable tips.

Self Care Tips
  • Self-care is essential in ensuring Australians live better, longer lives. Eating well plays a huge role in this, along with exercising and accessing the right health resources.
  • Less than 5% of Australian eat enough fruit or vegetables, yet over a third of what our daily kilojoule intake comes from junk foods, soft drink and alcohol
  • Learning new ways to prepare nutritious meals, shop healthy on a budget, or make healthier choices when dining helps people make healthier choices for themselves and their families.

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Note: The Dily Telegraph feature has also been syndicated across the following seven publications: Adelaide Now, Cairns Post, Gold Coast Bulletin, Herald Sun, The Mercury, Northern Star, and News Mail.

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