How much is malnutrition costing your aged care organisation?

11 August 2017

It’s no secret that Australia’s population is ageing. The proportion of people over 65 years is expected to increase from 14 per cent in 2011 to approximately 20 per cent in 2031.

However, just because we’re living longer, doesn’t necessarily mean we’re healthier or happier.

Recent studies have estimated that between 20-65 per cent of older adults living in residential care are malnourished, and nearly 75% are at risk of malnutrition. For older adults living at home, up to 10% are likely to be malnourished, and a further 35% are at risk.

These statistics should not be ignored. The cost of malnutrition is high, both for the health and wellbeing of our older adults, and our health systems.

Not to mention the costs to your health care service.

Learn the 6 steps to managing malnutrition in your aged care service, with our article in the latest edition of Fusion magazine.