South Australia

Nutrition Australia Vic Division coordinates operations in South Australia.

Nutrition Australia Vic Division was established in Melbourne in 1979 with a grant from the Vic branch of the Australian Medical Association, to provide nutrition advisory services to the community.
Since then, Nutrition Australia Vic Division has evolved to become a key provider of nutrition information to a range of stakeholders including government agencies, community groups, child care, schools, workplaces, universities, private industry, food regulators and food industry.
Nutrition Australia Vic Division is a multi-disciplinary organisation, offering expertise in nutrition and dietetics, public health nutrition and health promotion. This enables us to understand scientific nutrition information and translate it into a language appropriate for the general public.
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We walk the talk!

Nutrition Australia Vic Division is committed to providing a healthy workplace for our staff and guests.
We are registered with the Victorian state government’s Achievement Program, which recognises organisations that implement policies and practices that support health and wellbeing.
Nutrition Australia Vic Division has met the benchmarks for recognition for healthy eating, mental health, physical activity and alcohol.

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