Northern Territory Division

Nutrition Australia Qld division manage our Northern Territory division. Please see below for information on Qld Division.

Our Mission: To achieve better health and wellbeing for the community by providing the resources people need to make informed food choices.

The Australian Nutrition Foundation (Qld Div) Inc, trading as Nutrition Australia Qld, is a non profit, non-government community nutrition education organisation that has DGR (deductible gift recipient) and charity status. Nutrition Australia Qld was established in 1994 and has a 20 year history as a key community nutrition education body and is highly regarded as the independent voice of nutrition education in the Queensland and Northern Territory communities. Nutrition Australia Qld is governed by a Committee of Management.

We deliver services across Queensland and the Northern Territory with individual members, organisations, corporate partners and other government and non-government key stakeholders to promote evidence-based healthy living messages. Our health promotion services and strategies include a range of nutrition education and cooking skill programs and other resources for various community groups across the lifespan to promote healthy life choices in relation to healthy food selection and physical activity.