Margaret Rozman Speaks at Prevention Magazine’s Positive Ageing Seminar

18 July 2018

Nutrition Australia’s own Margaret Rozman spoke “all things nutrition” at Prevention Magazine’s Positive Ageing Seminar. Margaret joined Olympic great Nicole Livingstone and women’s health and menopause expert Dr Rosie Worsley for a morning of inspiration and positivity at the iconic Langham Hotel.

As the nutritional expert Margaret shared her tips on eating well to the largely female audience, eager for her expertise in living a healthy life to the fullest! Attendees were encouraged to actively participate with “managing snacking and treats” one of the topics of most interest.

Margaret’s advice is to understand why we snack, as that is the key to managing our intake. Do you snack for pure enjoyment? Perhaps it’s from habit, boredom or simply to relax? Maybe because the snack is there or you’re hungry as you didn’t have a fulfilling, healthy lunch? Margaret stresses the need to be in tune with your body as sometimes we eat other than for hunger. Ask yourself, is there a healthier alternative and are there other ways to meet your needs?

Treat or celebration foods are part of most cultures but they are not everyday foods! It’s unrealistic to completely cut them out but remember they add up, so only enjoy in moderation.

Margaret also spoke about how being surrounded by cheap, heavily promoted, unhealthy foods requires willpower to resist and it’s part of the reason the population is heavier. We’re bombarded by marketing so be mindful of foods you purchase and selective about what’s going to satisfy.