Intellectual property

Intellectual property

Applying to use Nutrition Australia’s intellectual property

We ask all persons, organisations, and groups to apply for permission to use the intellectual property of Nutrition Australia (The Australian Nutrition Foundation Inc).

Nutrition Australia’s intellectual property includes, but is not limited to:

All requests for permission to use materials should be submitted to Nutrition Australia Vic Division, which manages IP permission requests on behalf of the national body.


There are some circumstance where you  do not  need to apply for permission, such as:

If you fit the above criteria, please acknowledge Nutrition Australia as the original author of the material you are using and include our website

When is permission required?

You need to apply for permission if you wish to reproduce, or include Nutrition Australia’s intellectual property in any printed or online/electronic material you produce and/or you are benefiting financially.

Please note that a fee structure is in place for use of property and that permission is granted for one edition of a piece of work.

If you wish to use the Healthy Eating Pyramid

Please refer to existing information about the Pyramid and its key messages when using.

How to apply for permission

  1. Download the application form
  2. Submit your completed application form with supporting documentation to:
    Nutrition Australia Vic Division
    118 Cardigan St, Carlton VIC 3053
    Email: [email protected]
  3. We will respond within 5 working days.

For any other queries regarding the use of Nutrition Australia intellectual property, please contact us.